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Energy flows where intention goes


Addictions such as drugs, alcohol and smoking in most cases begin with trying to numb past or existing pain, which then becomes habitual, and engrained in our behaviour and even our sense of self. Initially we will work to identify the trigger for addiction, and then transmuting the energy begins the healing process. The root cause is to be faced in some form, I do this in a way that causes minimum distress. I guide you on path of recovery through acknowledgment, understanding, forming strong intent, and letting go. In some cases, we may work to replace the negative addiction with positive habits, by shifting the object but maintaining the desired effect of the addiction, for example when an individual smokes for relaxation or stress relief.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.


Living with anxiety can be an exhausting burden, often accompanied by unpleasant associated symptoms. The first thing I will do is work on your understanding on the mechanics of the Anxiety and then desensitizing your whole nervous system, bringing your adrenaline response back to normal levels so that your mind is clear and able to focus. Then we’ll work together to process feelings and thoughts associated with your anxiety and transmute the associated negative energy. I will teach you simple but effective techniques for restoring yourself to a peaceful and positive mind frame that you can practice after leaving the session to create sustained change.

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.


Depression can be an enduring, chronic state of mind, a fog we cannot see our way out of. Our minds can feel like they are working against us when everything we experience seems to reinforce a negative state. We will work together to change your default state of being, triggering positive feelings by recalling joyful and peaceful memories and magnifying them, then deeply establishing the endorphin release they provide. To help you maintain this, I will show you techniques you can use to anchor in these beneficial memories and feelings in the any given moment, empowering you to recall them when you notice yourself slipping in to destructive or negative patterns of behaviour and thought. These techniques utilize the brains natural ‘neuroplasticity’. Every time they are used, the brain will make it easier for you to maintain a positive and beneficial state as the flow of energy along these neuropathways becomes habitual.

Faith and fear both demand belief in something you can't see.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be overwhelming, in extreme cases sufferers often mistake their symptoms and believe their life to be in danger and can result in the individual becoming agoraphobic for fear of triggering an attack. Panic attacks can strike at any moment, I myself used to experience them frequently while on airplanes, but thankfully I’ve discovered a way to cure them. From a medical view your body is overly sensitized, and your nervous system is overreacting to situations and stimulus by sensing serious danger where there isn’t any. In some case’s the cause is rooted in past trauma, which can be triggered by a memory, sound or smell. I teach you how to reverse the symptoms; by training you to recognize the first symptom and then facing it, going towards it, allowing it and then letting it pass through and float away. When you surrender to the initial symptoms, you prevent the negative spiral which usually culminates in a panic attack, and instead of releasing adrenalin I can show you how to train yourself to release endorphins. After a time, your body’s sensitivity returns to normal levels and the panic attacks disappear.


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