What you can expect from a session with me:

Conditions such as depression and anxiety demonstrate the power of the mind in a negative way. Just imagine being able to harness that power of your mind with positive intention instead.

During most sessions I use a combination of techniques from all four healing modalities - reiki and energy healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching – to best suit getting you to your desired outcomes.

Reiki and energy healing create a healing space within, opening you up to make room for new growth and nourishing your new way of being. Neuro-Linguistic Programming uses the power of words to access the potential of positive memories, promoting and reinforcing positive feelings to release endorphins as we progress. These methods have the ability to completely transmute negative past trauma. Hypnotherapy allows you to enter into a deeper state and anchor positive feelings into the subconscious to maintain long-lasting healing. Finally, Life Coaching tools are used to initiate a powerful intent towards achieving your future goals.

All 4 in combination deepen your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual presence throughout the processes, resulting in a wholly holistic healing experience which I’ve successfully used time and again to transform many of the issues listed below in both myself and others.



Reiki/Energy Healer

Reiki and Energy Healing begins with awareness of where people are losing energy through their spiritual energy field. Deepening this gift I participated in Native…

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It works on the understanding that we are able to change our state of mind easily so that our unconscious mind becomes more accessible for deep healing.

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Life Coach

Life Coaching is an approach which empowers the client to use all of the resources within themselves to create a life they really want to live. Through being asking the right questions…

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NLP Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming represents a variety of verbal and physical techniques that together form an approach giving people the tools to create positive change.

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This is designed for you to understand how these approaches work, to be clear on what to expect and to ask any questions.