You already have the answers within you. I can provide you with the techniques to actualise them.

Life Coach

How many times in your life have you stepped back and asked yourself ‘what do I want from life?’, or ‘how do I want to feel?’. What is your life dream? The Dalai Lama once said the purpose of life is to be happy. I agree, but to acknowledge this is one thing and to attain it is another. I help clients create their own vision for life in the most specific terms and teach innovative techniques to actualize them into existence.

My method of Life Coaching goes beyond goal setting or harnessing the law of attraction. I will help you go deeper; allowing you to tackle the emotional, spiritual, and mental complexities that go with goal attainment and open you up to freer ways of thinking. Our negative past experiences can condition our minds a certain way and often be the greatest barrier to our happiness. We can overcome this by healing the past memories and uncover our true desires from a place of oneness and heart. I am available on an ongoing basis to assist clients in leading the most satisfying, significant and successful lives that they can.

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How Life Coaching can benefit you

Coaching psychology is designed to enhance well-being and overall performance, primarily in our personal and professional lives. It is most effective when used at transitional phases in life, as a means towards self-empowerment. The main areas that can benefit from a Life Coaching approach are career/life purpose, interpersonal relationships, sports performance, finances, romance, health and self-care, social skills, personal and spiritual development and physical environment.

Life Coaching techniques can provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your dreams. Techniques will become a part of your natural approach to the world around you, helping you make the best decisions and form and nurture healthy relationships.

Specialism in Sports Performance - I use NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques to help athletes regain confidence, enhance resilience and increase energy and focus, leading to better decision making in the moment of the most intense sports. I can help athletes in recovery from injuries through enhancing the healing process, but also rehearsing the brain for success, mentally preparing my clients for their comeback performance and tackling any overwhelming pre-match fears. I specialise in helping teams overcome any limiting beliefs about past results and experiences, allowing the team to perform to its potential when it matters.

Life Coach FAQs

1What does a life coach do exactly?
Life coaching helps you get on track with your goals and dreams through support, resources, strategy - while looking at the big picture. I specialize in helping others manifest their dreams. You need to cultivate a disciplined mindset and create the frequency of achieving your goals in the present. It’s really about finding out what fulfills you and following that path. Some of the things a life coach can do are: help you set goals, offer advice on how to move forward, and motivate you when the going gets tough.
2Who should see a life coach?
Anyone who wants to change their lives for the better or pursue their dreams. I work with people of all backgrounds and help them reach their goals through various modalities, such as clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, reiki energy healing, neuro-pathways healing (NLP), and more. Your life coaching sessions can be customized to your needs so you get what you want out of it! Life coaching is not just about making more money, motivation, or relationships - it's about finding greater meaning in your life. The first step is accepting yourself unconditionally before you take on any changes in your life. When we feel happy within ourselves and have that inner peace, then things will unfold effortlessly in our lives.
3How much is a life coach per hour?
Hourly rates for life coaches depend on the coach and mine are $120/hr. Contact Ronan at Inner Radiance Therapy.
4What problems do life coaches solve?
There are many problems life coaches will help you work through, including stress management, phobias, weight control, career change. Your life coach has a unique set of tools and approaches to help you achieve your goals.
5What do life coaches accomplish?
A life coach can help you identify and overcome barriers that prevent you from achieving success and satisfaction in your professional and personal lives - like stress, burnout, making difficult decisions etc. Life coaching helps turn those negative thoughts into positive ones so we're able to live a happier, healthier life without those obstacles getting in our way. Life coaching also works with you as a partner instead of trying to do it on your own or just telling you what to do by giving expert guidance, feedback, and support along the way. I'm Ronan Currid, a Life Coach and Owner of Inner Radiance Therapy - where we empower people to live fulfilling, abundant lives through various holistic health practices such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Energy Healing, Neuro-Pathways Healing (NLP), Counselling, Life Coaching and more. I help people get in touch with themselves and their inner wisdom to create positive change and expand their horizons. Contact me today to talk about where you need help in your life!
6Is there a demand for life coaches?
Yes! More and more people are turning to life coaches to help them respond better to stress, relationship issues, career changes etc. People are looking for ways to turn their lives around in these financially trying times so they have more time for professional success, enjoyment of life experiences, relationships with loved ones, home life balance etc. A Life Coach can help you find what is most important in your life so you can go after the things that matter the most to you without distractions getting in the way. The demand will continue to increase because people want change and need support and guidance through difficult times - and a Life Coach provides this non-judgmental support and advice when we feel like we've hit rock bottom. It's not about telling you what to do - it's about helping you find the answers within yourself and creating a plan that is specific to your goals.