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“I had the pleasure of meeting Ronan recently for a Reiki session and I’m very happy that out of all of the places in Vancouver I could have gone to, that I chose this one. Definitely met, if not exceeded my expectations and was a truly wonderful experience. I felt almost instantly comfortable and at home which is important and I will definitely be back for more sessions”

Amber Astrope- Artist

“One of my greatest fears was driving, I gathered the will power to start learning but was still incredibly nervous and panicky behind the wheel, causing me to fail my test. I had been sceptical of alternative therapies but a friend suggested seeing Ronan, soon after the session I got back in the car and found myself to be absolutely confident in both my abilities and surroundings, enabling me to pass my next test without a glitch just 3 weeks later. Thank you so much Ronan, next stop my fish phobia! ”

Suzanna Davison, Student


"I work in a stressful job which increases my anxiety levels. I was in a very negative place. Ronan introduced new mindful techniques to relieve stress and anxiety and guided me towards a healthier and happier lifestyle which gave me a new lease of life. I would highly recommend Ronan and his knowledge in this area."

Una Boyle, Nurse

“Before my sessions with Ronan I had been a smoker for 5 years. I didn’t just smoke because I was addicted, I actually really enjoyed it. This meant no matter how hard I’d tried to quit in the past and put my health first or think of my future and my family it just didn’t stick. Ronan quickly got to the bottom of why I felt the need to indulge my addictive personality and allow it to rule over me. He gave me the techniques to take control back and I used them whenever I was tempted to reach for a smoke. Now I don’t get nasty cravings any more, and cigarettes are repulsive to me. I’m so happy with the results, as are my family! Would recommend. ”

Sophie Bloom, Accountant


"I decided to see Ronan some time ago for some help with a long-standing issue, which he resolved in just one session. This has empowered me to get on with my life and so the things I want to do with confidence. If you need to find a caring, competent practitioner who is well trained and compassionate, I highly recommend you consult Ronan."

Jo Sawkins

“When I walked into the session, I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t know much about Reiki but friends recommended it. I have tried so many ways to deal with my anxiety and depression. After walking out of the session, I felt so much more relaxed and Ronan has helped me find the root causes of my anxiety as well as brought back many good memories in the past. Moreover, he helped me channel my positive memories as a way of calming myself down when I have an anxiety attack or a depressive episode. That was only my first session and I have already seen results. I’m definitely going to be going back for more sessions..”

Belle Wilaingam - Student


"I have visited Ronan for two appointments and have gotten to know him through the hour and a half appointments. He is an exceptional healer and the times I have talked to him there is this "healing energy" I feel when I am in his presence. I mean sometimes you'll know just by sensing the waves of energy you are receiving; you can not describe the energy right away, but over time you will be able too. He helps me in every nook and cranny in my brain chemistry, genetic code, and even healing the DNA molecules that were severely damaged from the past, and present. The discussions we have, have to do with personal, work, love and life problems in general, that we talk about briefly before the sessions. His feed back is great. I speak very highly of Ronan because the stuff he teaches me and helps me with is so so deep that it literately cannot be taught in our everyday world sense and by people whom i see now even. Ronan is a great guy, who is original, creative, very interesting, caring, kind, and who disperses this sigil energy all around my entire self make-up of who I am; which just feels incredible. Last but not least, a numen in his profession because every time he has worked on me it feels almost mystical, and words cannot describe the results at the end of the sessions. That being said, thank you for all I have been experiencing so far. I would love to definitely come back lots more times then now and the meditation works great by the way"

Max Feldman

“Before meeting Ronan, I suffered from work and performance-related anxiety. Recently, when my boss asked me to speak at an important company event I decided to seek help. Ronan immediately put me at ease and showed me tools I can use in the future to calm down and centre myself. We traced my anxieties back to a bad experience I had in public as a kid and worked on letting go of those feelings. I was able to use the techniques to conquer my fear of public speaking at the event, and now I’ve been given new responsibilities at work that will help me progress my career to the next step. Many thanks to Ronan for his time and expertise! .”

Richard Johnson, Finance Manager

“I can't begin to explain how peaceful and calm I felt when I left. Honestly, I felt high! I wish I had jumped on this experience sooner. Very, very grateful for Ronan's work. Looking foward to my next session and how it will impact my life.”

Irene Jahholkowski, Waitress

“He thought me that no matter what the problem is, it is within ourselves to fix it. And it worked every time. When he helped me with my back pain, one visit took the pain away and I didn’t have to take painkillers anymore. There was a time in my life when series of bad lucks kept happening to me and I just couldn’t stop it. I followed his instructions and it made me appreciate myself better. It is very hard to put it in words, you just have to try it yourself . Highly recommend him, he is fantastic.”

Katalin Meszaros

“Ronan is extremely passionate about mindfulness techniques and is able to instill self-belief in others through positive reinforcement and visualization techniques. I found through his mindfulness session, I was able to relax and stay focused throughout our competitions when I needed it most. I would highly recommend Ronan.”

Sarah Hourigan, Marketer and Athlete

“I honestly knew nothing about reiki before going to see Ronan, but I kept an open mind, and it turned out to be very beneficial! I have noticed a positive shift in my thinking, my mind is much quieter, and I have felt more optimistic overall. I have been twice so far, and I plan to continue. I may not fully understand how it works, but I am noticing real benefits in my life and outlook. I actually feel like I'm moving forward, which is great!.”

Lynda Tierney

“Ronan is an extraordinary therapist - an alchemist drawing from a deep well of skills and knowledge which he magically blends into a unique and powerful protocol. There is none other like him.”

Elaine Hanson - Crianiosacral Therapist

“I’ve been to see Ronan twice so far and couldn’t be happier with the experience. I didn’t know what to expect and he really put me at ease right away. He’s a great listener and I felt as though we worked together to heal some past wounds and position me for a very positive future. He’s helped me with both physical and emotional challenges and I am grateful he’s with me on my journey. Give him a try I know you’ll love it.”

Anne Carpenter

“Inner Radiance Therapy is an amazing place. I came to see Ronan for severe TMJ disorder that I had been trying to figure out unsuccessfully for the last 3 years. I went to see tons of specialists in Vancouver, including google top search naturopaths, massage therapists, acupuncture, dentists, special headpain "specialists", chiropractors, physiotherapist and neurologists. From everything I tried, some things made no difference, others made it worse. Every place I saw made it seem like the source of the problem was something related to their area of expertise. If I saw an occlussion dentist, they would say the pain was due to a physical dysfunction of the TMJ, the naturopath thought the source of the jaw pain was an imbalance on my digestion; the physio and massage therapists blamed solely my posture and computer work. What Ronan helped me realize is that, not only there are a number of contributors to chronic pain, but also that the power of my own intention could help me achieve the feeling of well being, by means of verbalization and visualization. It is incredible. I was skeptical at first because of how many therapies I tried before, and because the method he taught me doesn't look like anything I had heard of before. If you are a very rational minded person like me and are skeptical I would advice to give it a try anyway, because there is something about this that is surreal. I only saw Ronan 3 times and within 1 session I definitely felt things shifting around. I am very interested in continuing a journey of health, self discovery and growth. I am very thankful and hope more people find this place!”

Maria Venegas- Visual Artist

“I loved my session at Clinica Holistica. He has such great soothing energy and was a pleasure to talk to. I came out of the session feeling totally relaxed and buzzing with positive energy. Thank you Ronan!”

Kirsten Oliver

“I had never experienced a Reiki session before, and this was a great introduction. Ronan was professional, warm and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable right away. I would definitely recommend him and will be going back.”

Kira Stobbe

“It was such a pleasure to attend a session with Ronan. He is an excellent practitioner, knowledgeable and kind. Cannot wait to do it again.”

Alex Tugui

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